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Say hello to the "What's Your Thing" podcast, where the hosts' innate curiosity takes center stage. Embracing the diverse passions that make people tick, our hosts invite guests to share their unique interests, offbeat hobbies, and captivating narratives. From niche fandoms to hidden gems that resonate, this podcast is an authentic exploration of the everyday and the extraordinary. 

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Caitlin Delaney

Caitlin Delaney, is a logistical mind behind TV movie magic, blending her love for books, TikTok trends, forest walks, and jigsaw puzzles into a unique persona. Caitlin is one half of the voice of the "What's Your Thing" podcast, where she champions diverse viewpoints, believing that a singular lens is dull. With her brother by her side, her dream is this podcast becomes a platform for captivating conversations and deep exploration, inviting listeners to discover the rich tapestry of human fascination. Tune in to uncover the stories that shape us, all while enjoying a puzzle or a walk – because life is best understood through many lenses. 

Brennan Delaney

Meet Brennan, the embodiment of approachability and warmth. Renowned for his friendly nature, he's a natural conversationalist with a genuine interest in people's stories and viewpoints, irrespective of their backgrounds. Brennan's insatiable curiosity drives him to explore new horizons, constantly seeking knowledge and connection. When he's not engaged in enriching conversations, you'll find him immersed in amusing TV shows and documentaries, bonding with loved ones, or reveling in the wonders of the outdoors. Above all, Brennan treasures meaningful connections, making him a true advocate for forging authentic bonds with everyone he meets. 


Episode 13: N.P. Thompson

This week we chatted with N.P. Thompson all about her journey from non-fiction writer to middle-grade fiction author of the Canadian Book Club Award-nominated, River of Crows

If you want to know more about N.P. Thompson and the Arcanium Saga, you can check out her website

If you want to buy River of Crows, or the second book in the Saga, Mirror of Wolves, you can find them on Amazon.

The third book in the series, Stone of Serpents, comes out in May 2024. 

Photos by Deanna Cormier (@deannacormierphotography on Instagram)

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